Vanamala Ramesh

Positive Psychology Coach

Helping you channel your full potential

Hi! I’m Vanamala Ramesh, Positive Psychology Coach. I am on a mission to help 500 people to elevate self improvement within to achieve their true potential by 2024.

My Certifications

My Story

Myself Vanamala Ramesh, Positive Psychology Coach. Having 17+ years of experience in teaching with background in Psychology and Sociology.I am on a mission to help 500 people to elevate self improvement within to achieve their true potential by 2022.

Two decades of interaction with aspirants, I observed people succumb to the temptation of stress and pressure. Intense competition and societal burden to succeed, leads to loss of creativity and identity. The constant conflict between inner and outer self resulting distressed and disappointment often causing self sabotage of their growth.

I’m inspired ICF certified Positive Psychology Coach. I love help people stay in a state of happiness, and make a better place to live in.

A few bits more that you might find intersting about me…

I believe in power of experiences

I am a creator and curator of experiences both professionally and personally. I believe that to truly transform you need to have the experience and that is why my coaching, retreats and workshops all have experiences at their heart.

I'm passionate about empowering womens

Throughout my career I have always looked to support other women and help them step into their brilliance. I am committed to creating a self care revolution supporting as many as women as possible globally to help themselves live an extraordinary life.

I'm committed to life long learning

I qualified as a professional positive psychology coach I’ve dedicated myself to learning the skills required to help others. 

I love to help people through my writing

Apart from my own extensive blog, I’m a regular contributor to many Health and Wellness publications.

My Values & Beliefs


Be True

Wrong happens sometimes that too shall pass. Being true with onself and other is a key to personal development. Be loyal and genourous towords yourself.


Gratitude & Change

Forgivness, patience and  endurance bring to clearity in thougts. Openness and willingness to giving yourself and other a chance is the passage to peace and hapiness that help you renew for better good.


Trust Your Strength

Your awareness and belive on your strenths gives you courage to accept who you are. Trust your guts, work smart and take pride of your actions.

My Approach

Being a positive psychology coach, I help people succeed and understand their own behavioural patterns. My coaching emphasizes the positive influence on people. It could be your character strength, optimistic emotions or constructive institutions. My techniques are goal-oriented, individual-centric, challenging, and directed towards your personal growth and development.

I help you build a positive mindset and experience positive emotions and help you unleash the true love for self as it is the truest expression of the soul.

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