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Your One-Stop Positive Psychology Resource, on all things related to positive psychology such as life satisfaction, self worth, and more.

How we help you?

How we help you?

Help you identify your top strengths and discover your passions | Assists you to sets achievable goals | Nurture love, kindness, gratitude and practice optimistic mindset | Focus on health and not illness | Help mindfully connect with your inner selves.

Experience and enjoy every moment of positive emotions.

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Positive Psychology and Its Emergence

Positive Psychology and Its Emergence

Happiness is treasure rarely people able to find and experience it. Are you the one? Or just living your life like a slave blaming time. Let’s discover the true meaning of happiness understanding the positive psychology and how it emerged.

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It’s Her!

Let’s do this! Giving you a smile and help you to continue to grow as the woman you wanted to be. 


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Vanamala Ramesh


Vanamala Ramesh is a Positive Psychology Coach. She has 17+ years of teaching experience and coached thousands of people successfully. She writes frequently about Positive Psychology and Women Empowerment.


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